Frequently Asked Questions

GameClub from Denmark.
MinecraftTracker is in the timezone;
CET (Central European Time) UTC/GMT +1 hour
Because that we are running with 2 domain names, it can be tricky on how we registers.
When you are voting via the we are registering as
When you are voting via the we are registering as
Keep that in mind if vote doesn't work properly :)
We have a score system on our site. The way we generates that is actually pretty simple math.
Uptime + Votes + Users Online + How many enabled queries
This is how we are running the system at the moment!
It's straight forward I guess :)

But every monday we are resetting the score, so new servers have a chance!
We're not resetting to zero, but doing some simple math again on how much score you have gained and how many days and so on. A little secret and advanced to tell.

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